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Discover the difference with Complete Efficiency Systems, where advanced air purification meets exceptional service to enhance your indoor air quality.

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About Complete Efficiency Systems

Complete Efficiency Systems has been a cornerstone of the Houston community, providing top-quality HVAC services with a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to ensuring optimal comfort in your home or business through state-of-the-art solutions in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology.

“Our promise is to serve our community without compromising on quality or pushing unnecessary products. We stand by our work and the lasting relationships we build with each customer, ensuring that their comfort and satisfaction are met with every service.”

Owner of Complete Efficiency Systems
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Showcase of Our Recent HVAC Success

Discover how we enhanced comfort and efficiency in a local home.

Nick C.
Nick C.
I was gathering multiple quotes for a new coil at a reasonable cost. I had received several quotes before ultimately deciding to go with Complete Efficiency System. Ruben was very prompt and knowledgeable when discussing my install options. I eventually decided to replace my coil and condenser. CES was able to offer a financing option that ultimately lead to my choice in the complete system. Ruben discussed the financing option and set expectations for the entire process. The financing plan allowed me to take advantage of absorbing the cost over time. I can not thank CES enough for their professionalism and courtesy during my experience. The install went smoothly and everything was executed in a timely manner. I will be a repeat customer and advocate for CES in the future.
Marla B.
Marla B.
Thx Rueben. Great job. Efficient and reliable. Will definitely recommend to others!!!!
Kameron S.
Kameron S.
The work these guys did is top notch. The team was respectful, efficient, and hard working. They even tried to avoid making a mess, laid down cloth for high traffic areas, and wore boot covers. The new air ducts have a lot of support, are elevated as they should be, and they diligently made sure that the air handler had no leaks. I called on a Tuesday to get a quote for some pretty extensive work. Ruben came the next day, and we managed to schedule for that Friday. Ruben probably would have made it happen even sooner, but the scheduling bottleneck was me. My only complaint is that my wife can turn the house into an ice box now if she wants. Good thing the whole system runs more efficiently now!
Nicholl P.
Nicholl P.
The installation process was impressively fast. Within no time, our home was equipped with a new system, seamlessly integrated without any disruption to our daily routine. But what truly set Complete Efficiency Systems apart was their commitment to cleanliness and thoroughness. Not only did they install the system efficiently, but they also took the time to walk us through every step, ensuring we understood the ins and outs of our new setup. Moreover, Ruben's knowledge of the system was unparalleled. He provided invaluable insights into what needed to be changed immediately and offered us options for repairs that could benefit us in the long run. In addition to their expertise, Complete Efficiency Systems showcased their dedication to customer satisfaction when they discovered a small gas leak during the installation. Without hesitation, they promptly sent their crew back to address the issue, ensuring our safety and peace of mind. Thanks to Complete Efficiency Systems, our home is now cooler than ever before.
Rob G.
Rob G.
My family had a full system installed last year and are currently thrilled. Complete Efficiency gave us a fantastic price on a high quality installation, completed on time. We've seen significant savings on our electricity bill since replacing a 25 year old system. Working with the Ruben has always been simple and convenient, he has been responsive and reliable. I totally recommend this company for anyone looking for a terrific HVAC company in the Houston area,
Todd P.
Todd P.
Ruben was very responsive, did amazing work, and offered excellent pricing. He was friendly and easy to deal with. He also came back out at no charge to show me how my system worked even when there was no actual problem with my unit. From now on he will be by go to HVAC Technician. I would highly recommend
Carol R.
Carol R.
Ruben and his Techs, Daniel, Oscar and Brandon did a great job replacing my entire HVAC system. The pricing was very reasonable, and the work was all done in half a day. They installed a System Service Transition piece (with access panel) which will enable them to easily open and get into the evaporator coil for future cleaning when needed. These guys are professionals and provided detailed estimates with pricing options and responded quickly to text messages. I highly recommend their services.
Martin M.
Martin M.
My property had had multiple issues with the AC/heating unit. After calling, a technician was sent to my property within an hour. This was super important because a freeze front was coming over Houston, and I was desperate to keep the heat on and prevent additional issues such as burst pipes. The tech assessed the unit and told me the first-floor damper motor needed replacing. The service was great as the tech worked diligently to remove the old motor and put in the new one. The tech also ensured the heating unit was operating properly and waited multiple cycles to ensure no additional issues would arise. I highly recommend be using Complete Efficiency System this service in the future!
Michelle C.
Michelle C.
Ruben was quick to respond, set my expectations on the front end and exceeded those expectations. He called to let me know he could come earlier than planned, walked me through his findings (even showed me everything he was looking at), fixed our A/C issue at an extremely reasonable price without selling me something I didn't need. He did, however, advise on steps he'd take next, provided a rough estimate of what it would cost and the benefits it would provide. I'll be using him again soon!
Laura S.
Laura S.
New to the Houston area and was so relieved to call the right HVAC specialist, Ruben Tellez. Ruben went out of his way to make sure systems in my new home were functioning properly, and ready for the winter months. Honest, professional, reasonably-priced and knowledgeable HVAC expert who gave me peace of mind - highly recommend!!
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Showcase of Our Recent HVAC Success

Discover how we enhanced comfort and efficiency in a local home.

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What makes us different

Proven Expertise in HVAC Systems

Our years of experience and skilled professionals guarantee top-tier service for any HVAC need.

Industry-Leading Antimicrobial and Air Purification Technology

We utilize the latest in HVAC technology to ensure your air is clean and your environment is healthy.

Dedicated Customer Support and Transparent Pricing

Experience unmatched customer service with straightforward pricing and no hidden fees.

what we do

Our Services

Our air conditioning services ensure cool, comfortable indoor temperatures, solving issues like system inefficiency and frequent breakdowns with reliable installations and repairs.

We optimize your heating system for efficiency and comfort, addressing common issues like uneven heating and high utility costs with expert maintenance and advanced solutions.

We enhance indoor air quality using the latest purification technologies, targeting problems like allergens and pollutants to create a healthier living environment.

Our HVAC inspections support real estate transactions by assessing and reporting on the health of HVAC systems, ensuring property value and buyer confidence.

Specializing in commercial HVAC systems, we address challenges like energy management and system durability, providing robust solutions tailored to business needs.

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Our Process


Consultation and Assessment

We start by understanding your needs and assessing your current system to provide tailored solutions.

Installation and Optimization

Our certified technicians ensure smooth installation and optimize your system for peak performance.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your system running efficiently year-round.
More to learn

Enhance Your Air Quality with Advanced Antimicrobial Duct Systems

Discover the significant benefits of upgrading to antimicrobial duct systems. These advanced solutions not only reduce the growth of mold, bacteria, and viruses within your HVAC system but also improve overall indoor air quality, making your environment safer and healthier. Perfect for homes, schools, and businesses alike, our antimicrobial systems provide lasting protection and peace of mind.

More to learn

Breathe Easier with Our Premium Air Purification Solutions

Explore the advantages of our premium air purification systems designed to purify your indoor environment. Our state-of-the-art purifiers capture and eliminate pollutants, allergens, and pathogens, providing you with cleaner, healthier air. Ideal for households with allergy sufferers, pets, or anyone interested in improving their indoor air quality, our systems ensure that the air you breathe is fresh and free of harmful contaminants.
Do I need a contractor?

When to Call an HVAC Contractor

If you’re experiencing inconsistent temperatures, strange noises, or rising energy bills, it might be time to consult an HVAC contractor to assess and potentially upgrade or repair your system.

HVAC systems are complex and require professional expertise for most repairs and installations to ensure safety and efficiency. DIY fixes can often lead to further complications or void warranties.

Key indicators include unusual sounds, poor airflow, thermostat issues, foul odors, and an unexpected increase in energy costs, all of which suggest it’s time to call a professional.

To maintain peak performance and efficiency, it’s recommended to have your HVAC system checked and serviced by a professional at least once a year, typically before the heating or cooling season begins.

An HVAC contractor can provide a thorough inspection of the home’s HVAC system, identifying any current or potential issues that could impact comfort or lead to costly repairs after purchase. This ensures you make an informed decision and negotiate repairs or a price adjustment if necessary.

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